10 steps to stop worrying

10 steps to stop worrying

Women worry about relationships and the family, men mostly about their jobs.

Everyone will regocnize this, a sleepless night with your head full off thoughts. It really can be a problem when this happens too often. But luckely you can overcome this thoughts. Here are some tips that can help you with this.

 1)     Worrying is senseless

Remember: worrying really is senseless. Your thoughts just keep turning around in circles, but you will not find a solution.

 2)     Fifteen minutes a day

You keep worrying all day? Allow yourself to worry for fifteen minutes a day. Set an alarm-clock, so that you really stop worrying after fifteen minutes.  Do this every day at the same time, so that it becomes a habit.

3)     Live in the present time

Worries are often about things that have happened in the past or things that are about to happen. Try to keep your thoughts at the present. Concentrate on the things around you, for instance put on your favorit music and try to listen to only one instrument. A course  in mindfulness training can surely help.

 4)     Don’t exaggerate

When you worry too much about things that could go wrong, it can help to ask yourself the question “so what?” For instance,  “I’m affraid  I will be late” “so what?”

“my neighbor will think I’m strange” “so what” If you keep this up, you will see you are exaggerating and worry about things that aren’t worth worrying about.

 5)     Smile

When did you last have a good laugh? During a movie? About that smart remark of the boy next door? Laughing is a good medicine  against worrying. So do things that make you smile.

 6)     Distraction

Sports, games, learn to play an instrument, do things you have to concentrate on, there will be no room in your head for worrying.

 7)     Relax

When your body is tense, your mind will be too. But the other way around, it is the same way. A relaxed body will make a relaxed mind. Try to do some relaxation exercises for at least fifteen minutes a day. Preferably  at the same time every day, so that it will become a habit.

 8)     Write down positive things

People who worry only think of failures or things that can go wrong. Before you go to bed, write down all the positive things that happened to you that day. This can be anything, from the beautiful weather,  to the nice man at the supermarket,  the compliment, you got at work or the food that tasted great.  Writing these things down, works to keep you from your negative thoughts.

 9)     Talk about it

Tell a friend what you are worrying about. It can be an enormous relief.  Don’t ask for advice,  it is the sharing that is important.

 10)  Don’t let somenone walk over you

Guilt and the feeling that someone didn’t treat you right, can cause a lot of worries. So stand up for yourself. If you have trouble with that, do a course in assertiveness, it can save you from a lot of sleepless nights.

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