5 tips for a happy step family

Happy step-family

5 tips for a happy step family- 1) Admit openly (and friendly) that sometimes you’re jealous of the attention you have to share. Not only to your loved one, but also to your stepchildren. Who will understand this better than any adult. And if it is out in the open, they probably have to laugh about it.

2) Never blame  your stepchildren if your partner is favouring them or excessively spoils them. Like every person they like to be pampered. They are not the quilty ones.

3) Try to agree on who is responsible for what, so you don’t always have to discuss who is doing what. Do you both prefer to only take you ownn children to sport? Speak it out, also to the children.

4) You normally have other feelings towards your stepchildren, than with your own flesh and blood.  Stepchildren do understand that. So the best is to be open about that. Obviously they too love their own mother more than they love you..

5) Make sure the same rules and favors apply for all children in the family. Children are particularly keen on this point.

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