♥ Adidas Supercolor Sneaker Outfit ♥

The Adidas Originals superstar collection of Pharrell Williams …. 50 colors. 50 choices.

Since it is almost Easter, the editors of Bliqx have selected a pair of yellow Adidas sneakers with a matching yellow shirt from Topshop. And since it is an Adidas outfit, a black Adidas hoodie with an Adidas sportsstar backpack. Happy Easter!!♥♥


Adidas Originals Supercolor Superstar sneakers – € 94,95

Topshop T-shirt yellow – € 19,95

Adidas Originals black hoodie – € 64,95

Mavi white slim fit jeans – € 69,95

Adidas Originals sportstar backpack – € 34,95

Vanzetti yellow belt – € 19,95

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