L’Air de Panache – The Fragrance of The Grand Budapest Hotel


L’air the Panache is the perfect scent of Wes Anderson’s film The Grand Hotel Budapest

A fictitious smell at a movie premiere: this is L’air the Panache, the dreamed scent of Wes Anderson, in his film The Grand Budapest Hotel.

In the film, the concierge, mr Gustave H goes nowhere to go without a good spritz of his eau the cologne. Anderson approached various fragrance businesses to really bottle the scent and the French perfume house Nose to honour. The scent is exactly what Wes Anderson had in mind (bergamot, amber, and a pinch of green apple) and was at first only given to the actors and crew of the movie. But now L’Air de Panache can really be purchased via the website of the  Nose, alhough in a limited edition. Maybe it is the first of a whole series of Wes Anderson beauty-projects.




Photo Courtesy: © L’Air de Panache

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