Alexa Chung wants own fashion label

Alexa Chung own Fashion Label

Alexa Chung, the british style icon is a factor that can’t be ignored in the world of fashion and beauty. Her last collaboration with makeup line Eyeko is only just available in the stores and she yet wants to start a   a new project. She already is a model, socialite and author but now she also wants to design.

“There is a huge amount of money needed to set up a fashion label,” said Chung. “It’s very complicated and I have no idea how to do it. But designing is actually the only thing that I currently want to do. “

Alexa Chung for Made Well

Alexa Chung has put her first step in the design world through the collaborations with clothing brand Made well. It’s probably a matter of time before a new label wants to collaborate with her. What Alexa Chung wants to design? “In my head I am designing a really good BRA,” she tells to the British Grazia. “Black transparent triangles with two cats heads.”



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