Azabu Yukimura, the best of Tokyo

Azabu Yukimura, the best of Tokyo

Azabu Yukimura, the best of Tokyo

Tokyo is the most Michelin starred city in the world. Azabu Yukimura is one of the 3 Michelin star restaurants in the city and is widely known as the most exclusive restaurant in Japan, Azabu Yukimura is a must-see, Like so many other top restaurants in Japan, it’s a small, minimalistic and design-wise modest place, impossible to find  Dishes are authentic, using the freshest quality ingredients imported from Kyoto, steamed to perfection and served with in-house produced marinades and sauces designed to liven the senses.

The chef, Yukimura san, is Kyoto trained, but his cooking isn’t traditional kaiseki. The presentation of the dishes is quite freestyle and some of them,  like spring roll with Azuki beans, could even be considered as fusion. For one thing  Yukimura san is very traditional. The knife he uses for shearing pike bones is made  by the legendary Aritsugu knife producer ( who used to make swords for the Imperial House of Japan and samurais). The knife as well as  the chef’s shearing skills are very impressive!

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Specialties at Azabu Yukimura include gently steamed Japanese needlefish with steamed green seasonal vegetables in a small amount of creamy thick dressing and steamed abalone with its liver, served at room temperature in a sesame dressing. Dishes truly do draw on authentic Japanese techniques, making the restaurant an ideal tourist destination for the inquisitive traveller. Beverages are focused on local sake and imported high-end champagne.


In the bustling city centre of Minato, Tokyo.As there is no sign, look for the blue board with the address on the wall.

Address, Yuken Azabu.10 Building 3F, 1-5-5 Azabujuban, Minato-ku


The 10 seater restaurant has a central bar and one four seater table which is often occupied by the Japanese Prime Minister and other A-listers. For those lucky enough to experience the magic of Yukimura’s cooking, a traditional Japanese menu awaits.

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