Barbara Fialho Gets Wet for Fernando Mazza Shoot

Barbara Fialho Glam Look Swim –  Earlier. a series of black and white images were shot of Barbara Fialho by Fernando Mazza. Now the photographer and the Brazilian model met for a new shoot. Barbara looks sultry, wearing party glam-look swimsuits, styled by Mauricio Mariano and Alessandro Lazaro. The  wet skin and slick tresses give a striking image, thanks to makeup and hair artist Carol de Almeida Prado.

IMG_0330 IMG_0328 IMG_0323 IMG_0318 IMG_0315 IMG_0313 IMG_0333 IMG_0327 IMG_0332 IMG_0326 IMG_0325 IMG_0317 IMG_0316 IMG_0331 IMG_0314 IMG_0321 IMG_0319 IMG_0324 IMG_0320 IMG_0322 IMG_0329

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