The Barbie Next Door by Nickolay Lamm

The Barbie Next Door

Nickolay Lamm gives Barbie a makeoverAmerican artist Nickolay Lamm has given the ultimate girl-doll an enormess makeover. Nickolay wanted his new ‘ Doll ‘ Lammily to make women change the look on their own bodies.

The unrealitic proportions of Barbie more often lead to discussions. According to a lot of people, the doll gives a lot of young girls a wrong image of perfection. Nicolay’s new doll has’nt got the extremely long legs of Barbie and has flat feet. Also her body looks more like an average woman.

“I want to show that average can also be beautiful. I would like my Lammily-doll to be produced with different skin colors and a healthy body, “said Nickolay. 

The Barbie Next Door

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