Addiction to Sugar – Are you that person that empties a box of chocolate in an instant all by yourself? Do you eat candy and biscuits even if you are not hungry? If this is you, you probably are addicted to sugar.

Sugar addiction is to be taken serious and can be the reason for people to have a lack of willpower to stand by their diet.  A human can be very dependant on sugar. All of us sometimes sinn and eat something with we know contains too much sugar, but if you can’t control these urges you should really ask yourself, why.

Sugar can do the same thing to your brains as alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. This is why some people simply can not resist food containing sugar. Over 11 % of the world populatian more or less has a sugar acddict, according to Nicole M Avena, the author of ‘Why Diets Fail: Because Your Addicted to Sugar’.  Nicole does not recommend to quit sugar totally at once, you probably would’t succeed, because there simply is too much containing it. She recommends to give up a few things every week, for instance no more sugar in your coffee and Tea, next week no more in your cereal…. and so on, until your daily food doesn’t contain sugar any more. 

Immidiately quiting eating sugar could cause symptoms such as headaches and stomach cramps. It is important to understand in which foods one can find sugar. Most people eat a lot of sugar without knowing it. Bread, cereals, sauces or flavoured milk-products contain sugar. So it is wise always to check the package of your food, if it contains a lot of sugar, dextrin or maltodextrose, put it back and choose something else.

Recent studies by the University of Utah show that sugar can actually shorten your life expectation. Mice who got some extra sugar every day, didn’t live halve as long as mice with normal food. Luckely for the true addicts there are some alternatives. If you really need something sweet, you could try dark chocolat with a high cocoa content and try coconut milk-yogurt or natural Greek yoghurt instead of regular yoghurt. Life without sugar may seem to some as a miserable life, but ones you get used tot it, it will give you much more energy and of course weight loss. It can even change your taste-buds, so one day you might even like broccoli.


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