Bodin Joyeux joins Chanel

Bodin Joyeux joins Chanel

Who doesn’t know them: he classic, padded and quilted handbags of Chanel. The bags are made of the finest leather in tannery Bodin Joyeux in France. Chanel is planning to cooperate with Bodin Joyeux for a long time to come, therefore the fashion house has bought the tannery.

The tannery has been in existence since 1860 and is known for its craftsmanship. The company works mainly with lamb skin for tanning leather, which has become their trademark.

Frédéric Bodin remains the boss of Bodin Joyeux and the company retains all existing customers. Chanel also has bought up several of their studios, to ensure their existence. Examples are Hatter Maison Michel, Shoemaker Massaro and famous embroidery makers Lesage.


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