Borgezie Riviera Lifetime Guarantee Shoes

Lifetime Guarantee Shoes

Borgezie Riviera 1000 years guarantee 

British shoe designer Chris Shellis of the house of Borgezie, has designed stainless steel slippers for the brand that will last a lifetime. The designer gives in addition 1000 year warranty on the shoe. The model is called Borgezie Riviera  and has a steel but flexible sole. They sound uncomfortable, but according to the designer the most comfortable shoes in the world, because they are equipped with a layer of silicone.

Good investment

They are a very good investment for the future according to Chris Shellis, women should not let themselves put off by the price. “They can in no way aging or wear out,” said Chris,and they come with a lifetime supply of heels and pads, the only parts that need to be replaced occasionally. 

If you and your Borgezie Riviera heels become inseparable? No problem! The designer says not to take them of in the bath or under the shower. Water would be good maintenance for the shoes.

BorgezieLifetime Guarantee Shoes

Photo Credit © The House of Borgezie

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