Buy Daisy in Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop

Buy Daisy in Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop

The international fashion weeks without Pop-up shops, nowerdays is unthinkable, but of course Marc Jacobs is the one who gives it a new innovating twist.  From 7 to 9 February he opens his Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop, where a selection of his work will be on sale and you can pay by twitter.

If you are more of a Facebook or Instagram user, don’t worry, as long as you use the hashtag #MJDaisyChain, it does apply as a method to pay. The customer with the best  instagram-photo of the day, wins a Marc Jacobs bag.

In the shop will be a lounge, a nail art salon, a photo booth and you can have a snack or a drink.  It is not the first time that Marc used social media in an innovative way: last year he launched his perfume Honey through a campaign using Google Maps, on which the favorite hot-spots of the designer were seen.

Daisy Marc Jacobs

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