Can I take that Burger or not?

Teenage Girls Eating Burgers

We all have it sometimes, suddenly we want some unhealthy food, like a burger, but should we?

There is good news, a burger isn’t all that unhealthy, if you put some salad on top.

Beans in tomato sauce

Beans in tomato sauce seem unhealthy, but on the contrary, in beans there are proteins, iron, and calcium. It keeps your bones and muscles healty. Besides it lowers your cholestorol and takes care of  your blood sugar level.

Ice cream

We all think Ice cream is very unhealthy, but it really isn’t. Sure there is much sugar in it, but it is made of of eggs and milk. It contains lots of important nutrients such as proteins and amino acids. And what about ice cream with fruit flavours? The fruit contains vitamine C which is good for your resitance. So there is little reason to be concerned The most important is to enjoy yourself eating ice cream together with friends or family.

Bacon and eggs

Are Bacon and eggs unhealthy? One should think so, but recent studies proved that eating eggs with breakfast makes you lose weight more easely.The explanation lies in the fact that it contains a lot of proteins that makes that you don’t feel hungry for a longer period. It is recommended to choose a lean type of bacon. And not to eat bacon and eggs more than three times a week.

Chocolate spread

Maybe they can wake you up for it at night, but still you feel quilty after eating it, because you think it is all fat and sugar in it. But that is not entirely true. Some chocolate spreads contain lecithine which is very rich in proteins. Beside that it has more good qualities, like the calcium, protecting your bones and the anti-accidants which are good for your blood and blood-pressure. Chocolate spread even contains some important vitamines like vitamine B and E. To make a long story short, a sandwich with chocolate spread, looks like a unhealthy fattening snack, but it isn’t all that bad after all.

The burger

Almost everyone likes one every now and then, eventhough you know it isn’t good for you. But it doesn’t have to be all that unhealthy. A burger of lean beef on a wheat bun and with some salad on top isn’t unhealthy at all

A little bit of sinning doesn’t hurt

We aren’t saying you should eat a lot of burgers and bacon, but a little sinning in a sensible way, won’t hurt you.  Relax and enjoy, it will give your life a boost.

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