Capri – Island of the stars

Capri The island of stars

Since Jackie Onassis Kennedy in the 1950s spend her holiday on Capri, the Italian island is the holiday destination for the international jet set. And there is every reason to.

As a fierce tall rock Capri juts over the Mediterranean Sea. The contrast with the other side of the water almost can’t be bigger. Naples, Italy’s third largest city is busy and chaotic. Capri is all civilization. Only when the ferry arrives from Naples, there are lots of Porters, taxi drivers and guides running threw each other The luggage is taken over and the  taxi with open roof stands ready to go. It gives Capri that movie star feeling, that makes Capri so special.

Sophia Loren long ago set the trend. And in 2013 Capri is still popular with the Jet Set, such as Princess Caroline of Monaco, Babra Streisand, Tom Cruise and Dolce & Gabbana. This allows for a wide range of treny shops, excellent restaurants and chic boutique hotels. The island is fashionable, relaxed and stylish. Capri measures just 10 square kilometers. The highest point, on the Monte Solaro, is 589 metres. So is goes quite steep up. That is why, there is a cable car from Marina Grande to Capri town.

Salad CapreseSalad Caprese

Capri is a delight for the senses. All scents, colours and flavours are represented. Just think of the salad Caprese, which was invented here.

The Caprese is not the only thing this island the world has donated. The handmade Capri-sandals were a classic in the 1960s, such as the very popular Capri-pants, who currently are totally back in fashion.

The unique shops, excellent restaurants, the natural beauty and spectacular views make a stay on Capri to an unforgettable experience and not just for the stars of this world.

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