Chanel Introduces Platée Opera

Chanel + Karl Lagerfeld into opera

Karl Lagerfeld and Coco Chanel have been inspired to bring a new version of Jean-Philippe Rameau’s 18th century comic opera, Platée. The production, which premiered in Vienna last week, is now on show in Paris and will travel to New York next week.

The original story tells about Platée, who is an unattractive water nymph and who believes that Jupiter, the king of all gods, is in love with her. Sadly, she discovers that his  advances are only part of a plan to get back at his wife, the jealous Juno. Originally the play was written for Louis, Dauphin of France and his wife, Infanta Maria Theresa of Spain – who apparently wasn’t  too beautiful either.

The new version is featuring a Jupiter who looks remarkably like Karl Lagerfeld with a white ponytail, dark sunglasses and black suit. The lookalike arrives on stage using Chanel’s famous mirrored staircase, while Juno’s character very much resembles Coco Chanel, dressed from head-to-toe in tweed. The role of Platée is portrayed as the ultimate fashion victim.

Picture credit: © Douglas Kirkland / Corbis

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