Changing Lifestyle starts with the Mindset

A Changing Lifestyle starts with the Mindset
A Changing Lifestyle starts with the Mindset

The Bottle Tree Family that lived on the hill were bored with their current, unexpressed, stationary lifestyle. Their life was monotonous and flat. They where tired of withstanding the elements that nature blew at them. They wanted to know more and they wanted to experience life fully – to walk and talk, to see new places and to create their desires and express their feelings.

Little Benny Bottle Tree, the stunted Bonsai boy, was the pioneer of creating  new potentials from his imagination. He imangined every potential that he desired to experience was like a soap bubble…. He felt it deep within his heart, where he went beyond wishing where he imagined that his idea, was real… and one day it came to be.

After his first adventure of discovering the amazing beauty beyond Sapphire Mountain and meeting new animal friends, Benny went back home to share his adventures with his family. Soon Bert, Betty, Bella and Billy Bottle Tree went their own separate ways to discover a new world outside their mundane stationary lifestyle. What creative desires did each one choose to experience? Where did they go and what animal friends did they meet?

After their individual adventures, the Bottle Tree Family returned home, to Kangaroo Tail Creek, to share their discoveries around a camp fire. Whether they could ‘show and tell’ their discoveries or just ‘tell’ about their adventures, the Bottle Tree Family realised that experience is a wonderful teacher. And that is what the Bottle Tree Family had done, to experience life together in their majestic land and in their own lifestyle.

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