Chatelles Parisian Slipper Crush

Chatelles Parisian Slipper Crush

Chatelles Parisian Slipper Crush – Francois du Chastel  founder and owner of the brand Chatelles ones worked as an investment banker in London. Then came the financial crisis and he decided he wanted to do something quite different. This decision led to the start of Chatelles. It sound a bit like a fairy-tale story, and it really is.

It started as a love story, with Francois as the handsome prince. He fell in love with a girl and offered her a pair of slippers he had designed, with a text of Victor Hugo on the inner sole , which said  “je ne puis demeuner…loin de tois plus longtemps) (I cannot remain…far away from you any longer)’ It worked, the girl fell in love with the flats, broke up with francois and left with the slippers. From then on Francois decided to launch his own line of slippers, with the text of Victor Hugo still on every inner sole, as a comfy, easy and very Parisian  alternative for high heels and ballerinas.

Besides the story of the birth of Chatelles , the shoes itselves are also a bit dreamy.  The website of the brand is simple but chic.  Customers can choose the colour they like or add a personal initial  by a click on a button. The slippers are designed by Tiphaine de Bodman, a former shoe creative for Kenzo, Alexander McQueen,  Hermès and Paul Smith. The shoes are made of the finest italian leather and are handmade in Portugal.

In the mean time Francois du Chastel is still dreaming, like seeing Georgia May Jagger in his slippers or the sisters Delevingne. Because he is convinced that every woman can look pretty and elegant is his comfy flats.

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