Claudia Schiffer into Movies

Claudia Schiffer into Movies

Claudia Schiffer executive producer –  German topmodel Claudia Schiffer chooses a role behind the scenes. The German is married to Matthew Vaughn, the producer of films such as Kick Ass, and she is going to lend him a hand with the production of his new film ‘The Secret Service’. As executive producer, she also will be responsible for the styling, hair and makeup of the cast.

Actors Colin Firth and Samuel l. Jackson have already confirmed to play a role in the film, and  there are rumors that David Beckham, Elton John, Taylor Swift and Adele are going to star in it.

Claudia herself played as an actress in movies such as Zoolander and Love Actually. She also helped in the production of Kick Ass 2.



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