Coco Rocha + Emma Roberts for DVF ‘Journey of a Dress’

Coco Rocha + Emma Roberts for DVF 'Journey of a Dress'

Coco Rocha + Emma Roberts for ‘Journey of a Dress’ – Diane von Furstenberg is launching a digital campaign in honor of the 40th anniversary of her famous wrap dress. Already during fashion week last February, she ended her show with an ode to the dress.

The digital campaign will be called ‘Journey of a Dress’ and will be conducted for one whole year. The campaign means that familiar faces of the brand, think models and actresses, will wear the wrap dress and will share this on their social media channels with their large group of followers. Model Coco Rocha was the first, during the fashion weeks, after which actress Emma Roberts, model Jourdan Dunn and blogger Chiara Ferragni followed. Diana Von Furstenberg also shares the instagram photos and tweets of these ladies on her social media channels like YouTube and

There will be a similarly named exhibition of ‘Journey of a Dress’ be held in in Los Angeles to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Von Furstenberg’s design.

Photo Courtesy: Getty Images

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