Coloured Blazers for Men

Coulered Blazers for Men
Coulered Blazers for Men

It seems the coming spring/summer months are going to be awash with a sartorial tint.

Sartorially speaking, ‘coloured’ is not exactly an explicit term. The expression can cause slight confusion as it often brings to mind bold, bright and garish creations. By no means is your choice of blazers limited to images conjured of clowns, discos and Barcelona away kits.

The expression ‘colour’ is often used to describe anything outside of what is widely thought of as neutral. In this case it’s the opposite of your monochromes such as grey, black, navy etc. and hues such as khaki, khaki green, camel and the like.

So in the context of this article, what are we classifying as ‘coloured’?

Anything On The Colour Wheel – Anything on the colour wheel provides our literal definition of ‘coloured’. Although these hues are not traditionally used for suiting, they can make a bold statement if worn correctly.

White – Usually described as a neutral, and rightly so. If anything, it’s the most neutral of all. However, when it comes to tailoring, white is very much taken as ‘coloured’. It isn’t your standard tailoring tone and, like its brighter brethren, is sure to stand out.

Pastels – To widen the demographic of this article we’ve opted to include pastels. A spring/summer favourite, pastels are paler, somewhat chalky colours that make a great choice during the warmer months, both practically and aesthetically. Practically because the lighter tone means they don’t trap heat and aesthetically because they mirror the mood of the season.

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