♥ Cool Bomber Jacket Outfit ♥

We have chosen a cool bomber jacket outfit for today. In case you haven’t already noticed, bomber jackets are quite trendy at the moment. The silk bomber jackets are even very hot right now!! They’re perfectly matching with the off-duty, sportswear inspired trends that are dominating the catwalks, shop windows, and streets right now. Want to know how to wear the bomber jacket this season? Check out the outfit below. It is the perfect combination of casual and sophistication. They’re also lightweight enough to be worn in the warmer months, making them perfect for transitional dressing. Combine a lightweight bomber with heavier, stiffer fabrics (like denim) for some balance. Have a nice day!!♥♥



Bomber Jacket – € 75,14

G-star Tshirt – € 69,95

Mavi Slim Fit Jeans ‘SERENA’ – € 79,95

Dr. Martens Black Boots – € 179,95

Ray-Ban Sunglasses ‘AVIATOR’ – € 144,95


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