Bliqx is convinced that compelling lifestyle content, written by passionate digital writers and journalists engages consumers on an emotional level that activates not only social conversations but also some of the most effective brand interactions on the Web today. We will curate and partner with a vibrant community of content creators from around the world who develop premium lifestyle content for thousands of blogs, web sites and social networking sites. Empowering these creators so they can more deeply engage with consumers across the Web leads to higher advertising demand from premium brands. It’s a win for creators, brands and for Bliqx.

Our model is to feature the work of Bliqx Content Creators on Bliqx properties. We also offer Social Creators the opportunity to develop social ecosystems on the Bliqx social platform.


Edgy flair and creative lust

Bliqx Content Creators will be professional authors, journalists and social ecosystem creators from several key advertising verticals. These creators bring what they know and love to an active audience online. Their authentic voices deliver 1:1 communication with a personal expert perspective. Our mission is to have more than 1000 content creators from around the world who become part of Bliqx Media.

Bliqx content creators are digital lifestyle writers, photographers and producers in niche categories who we carefully select to be a part of our ecosystem. Content creators are attracted to Bliqx because we deliver innovative brand advertising solutions that complement their content and provide attractive financial returns. Bliqx helps grow their businesses because we:

    • Monetize their content
    • Provide access to premium brands and complementary advertising
    • Establish credibility for their content and businesses
    • Support them by building strategic relationships
    • Offer a technology platform for managing and tracking advertising
    • Provide account management services
    • Enable lively social engagement

Bliqx Authors

Bliqx Authors are content creators who develop original content that appears on a Bliqx owned and operated site. An author can be a content creator from a Bliqx Content Creator property, or an independent author without a website in the Bliqx ecosystem but who submits original content through the Bliqx platform for broad distribution to the Bliqx audience. These authors also have the opportunity to monetize the content they create for Bliqx.



Fuel for the desires

Our content strategy is to curate the best and most socially amplified content for our consumers and our partners. Whether you’re passionate about Style, Family, Food, Fashion, Travel, Men’s Style or Home and Interior, Bliqx has it covered. While our creators’ content will be on, we have evolved our editorial model to curate the best of the best content from the Bliqx Creator Community into targeted topical collections that we distribute via Bliqx vertical sites in the future.

How does it work?

We expose creators’ content on a Bliqx Media property to help build their online presence, increase the reach of their sites and attract sponsored content integrations that help grow their brands. In effect, these sponsored content integrations delivered at scale drive market leadership for the creator and for Bliqx. 


Are you in for some edgy flair and creative lust?  Would you like to become a Bliqx Content Creator? We’re always looking for influential, inspiring voices to join our growing group of Bloggers and Creators.

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