Dare to Live your Dreams

Dare to Live your Dreams

Move to a Sunny island, start a bed and breakfast, write a book….We all have our dreams, but who has the courage to make them come threw?


Feel save

Why do people always choose for safe and things they know? Even if it doesn’t take us to where and what we want? People are creatures of habit. We feel best by things we know. We have difficulties of getting out of our comfort zone and take risks. And so we let our dreams pass by and go on with our daily routine.

Your inner critic

Apart from routine, also fear is a reason not to follow our dreams. But what are we affraid off? The fear of making a fool out of ourselves or the fear of failure. Negative thoughts have much more influence on our behaviour than positive thoughts.

It takes courage to follow your dreams, it may take a lot of work and of course, there is a possibility that you fail. But then at least you can say, you have tried and making your dreams come true, can make all the difference to your life.

Making your dream come true

Research proves that visualization helps to reach your goals.

  • A moodboard can be very helpfull in making your thoughts more concrete.
  • Working with reminders you see every day also can help. Thinking of your dream wishes can help you to take your first steps.
  • Try to change negative thouhts for realistic ones, by asking yourself questions like: what is the worst thing that can happen to me? And what is the best thing that can happen to me?
  • Change your choise of words, don’t call the steps you have to take “scary” but call them exiting, it gives you a more positive feeling.
  • Accept moments of fear. The famous autor Astrid Lindgren ones said: “who is never scared, doesn’t now how to be brave”

Top Ten of Dreams

  1. Travel

  2. Moving abroad

  3. Running your own bussiness

  4. Writing a book

  5. Learning to play an instrument

  6. Going to colleage again

  7. To buy a dreamhouse or a boat

  8. Making a parachute jump

  9. Find a partner or…. Get a divorce

  10. Find another job

Which one is your ultimate dream? And do you have the courage to follow it threw?

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