Digital Pop-Up Store by Kenzo

Digital Pop-Up Store by Kenzo

Kenzo digital aquarium  – Kenzo has openened a digital pop-up store in Paris, specially for their new No Fish No Nothing collection. In the shop visitors can buy collector’s items of the collection by means of touch screen. In the shop is a huge digital aquarium posted, linked to the Web shop of Kenzo. Ones the product is selected and in the shopping cart, people will receive a digital fish in the aquarium. The buyer can via mobile phone, tablet or desktop fill in the credit card details to finalize the sale. The items can only be shipped to addresses within the EU.

As part of this action was the hashtag #NoFishNoNothing created. Visitors can share their photos of the pop-up store on instagram, leaving a fish with their name added to the aquarium. To make sure that there are not too many fish in the aquarium, 30 percent is removed from time to time. This number corresponds with the number of marine animals that every day is threatened with extinction.

The adres of the pop-up store is Rue Debellyme 11 in Paris. It will be open until next Thursday, March 27

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