Do you have any Bad Habits??


Quiting something can be very hard. Whether you want to stop smoking or eating meat, you need willpower and discipline. Specially the thought of never doing it again, doesn’t set your mind at ease. If you really have to stop, you don’t mind doing it tomorrow. A way to make it easier on yourself is to use putting it of in a possitive way. Don’t stop smoking forever, but save your last sigaret for tomorrow and tomorrow save it for the day after. Before you know it, a week has past by and you really started quiting your bad habits.


Smoking is probably the most important bad habit which people want to quit. But people very rarely succeed. Because so far they didn’t have much health-problems and a sigaret now and then helps them to put their minds of the daily problems. Still you will have less stress, the moment you really have given up smoking. Never again having to wait untill you finally can light up a sigaret. Never again the worry ” do I have enough sigarettes left?” It gives you more peace, the moment you find out you can do without.

Red Wine

Don’t worry, we won’t tell you never to drink red wine again. We all know we must not drink too much. But a glass every now and then is even good for our health. Some advantages of drinking red wine are: it is healthy for your gums, it protects to lung cancer (some experts say) and tumors are slowed down. And these are only the psysical advantages. Drinking a glass of wine makes you take a moment for yourself and takes away stress for a moment. Remember, to keep it healthy, no more than two glasses a day.


Eating chocolat often is more a habit then the fact that you really have a taste for it. But is is unfortunately a bad habit, which we want to quit as soon as possible. There are several ways to achieve this. The best is to temporary replace it. For instance go and brush your teeth, when you have a taste for chocolat, so that because of your fresh mouth, the chocolat doesn’t appeal to you anymore. There are lots of possibillities to leave your bad habit behind you. But if you really can’t say goodbye to it….take a little peace of dark chocolat once in a while. Perhaps this will be better for you!

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