Eres launches swimwear line for Hôtel Costes

Eres launches swimwear line for Hôtel Costes

Eres – Hôtel Costes 

The two Paris houses have collaborated to launch a swimwear line available only at the rue Saint-Honoré hotel.

Eres, founded on Place de Madeleine in Paris in 1968 by Irène Leroux  has risen to royalty status with their swimwear, combining high-tech materials, with figure-flattering cuts. The house has now teamed up with another big name in the area, the rue Saint-Honoré’s Hôtel Costes, on a two-piece swimwear collection. Since the opening of the hotel by the Costes Brothers, it has become an institution in Paris.  The building has recently been classed as a protected historical monument by the French State.  The hotel has Jacques Garcia-designed boudoirs, 82 rooms and a luxury spa and pool.

This collaboration between the two big names has resulted in two pieces that carry the minimalist Eres signature, in Hôtel Costes colors: black, gold and burgundy. Cut from Peau DouceEres‘ high-tech precision fabric. The swimwear is available exclusively to spa and hotel guests of Hôtel Costes. In one of the most stunning pools in the city, wearing exclusive swimwear, luxury bathing  just gets so much more fun.

Eres swimwear for Hôtel Costes, available now, only at Hôtel Costes

Eres launches swimwear line for Hôtel Costes

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