Excuse me, my ‘Ringly’ is ringing

The ‘Ringly’ coming up – After the lauch of the smartwatch and Google Glass, there now is good news for fashion loving technology fans.  There now is a portable, but fashionable, accessory which is in direct connection with your phone.

‘Ringly’ is a special for women designed 18 carat gold iPhone-connected ring, it  uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone. At first glance, the ‘Ringly’ looks an ordinary ring, but not so. The new digital accessory gives light or vibrates to warn you that you have a call, message, email or another app notification.

Through the iOS app that comes with it, you decide what color the ring becomes and you can adjust the vibration to your own liking. Another advantage is that you can sync the app with your calendar, so your ring lets you know when you have an appointment.

‘Ringly’ is available in four different designs and in three sizes. Quick decision makers will be richly rewarded. The first thousand orders come with a real diamond.

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