Feel Sexy

feel sexy

FEEL SEXY – Are you dissatisfied with your body every now and then? This ten-minute exercise you can do right away. Grab a hand mirror and go and lie on your bed naked. Relax. Look at yourself, but do not start with the areas where you are not satisfied with. View lying how your neck is in line with your chest, view and feel the transition. Look at your breasts, not  at the shape and size, but only to your nipples.Caress them and feel how they respond. View and feel some other parts of your body in that way. and think what you got to offer. You’re smooth and warm, soft and seductive. A man really doesn’t think, she has celulite and broken capillaries. you are in every way different than he is and therefore is having sex with you so wonderfull. Get rid of every negative thought about yourself. If you are thinking of your own body with all its sweet temptations, you don’t only move more tempting,  but also send out sexappeal.

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