Fendi “Crazy Carats” Fall Winter 2014 Special Edition

Fendi new timepiece generation – The Italian fashion house of Fendi has released a new generation of timepieces, which is a special edition for Fall-Winter 2014, The collection is called ‘Crazy Carats’ and the name  is a really fitting description.  At first, the beautiful watches don’t look that much different from their predecessors. Sure the hours disappeared from the dial and the bracelet is a bit larger but the main “trick” is the ability to change, by a simple twist of the crown, there are gemstones that take the place of the numbers. 12-hour is crowned by a diamond.

For each model there are three choises of gemstones, including , white, yellow, orange, pink and blue sapphires, tourmalines, amethysts and for those who have some money to spare there are the diamonds. Each model can be delivered with almost every combination. The watches are adorned with shiny diamonds and of course all the watches have a swiss made quartz movement.

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