Fendi Fashionshow with Google Drones

Fendi Fashionshow with Google Drones

Fendi is filming Fashion show with Drones 

The Italian fashion house Fendi is collaborating with Google to use drones in order to film the 20 February fashion show in Milan next Thursday. The drones contain cameras and will fly over the catwalk to record the show and broadcast it live.

On the website of the fashion house, one can choose to have the classic view, where the regular livestream can be seen, or the drone cam, with the shots via the flying drones. “With this initiative we want to especially offer even more beautiful footage to the viewers and offer them an experience that perhaps is even more spectacular than visiting the show, ‘ says Pietro Beccari, CEO of Fendi. The drones will not disrupt the fashion show, assures Beccari.

In the days after the show Fendi will also release exclusive footage of ‘the making of’ the drones project.


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