Fine Interior Fragrances of Rue de Marli

Fine Interior Fragrances of Rue de Marli – It often are the little things in life that can give you a happy feeling. One of these little things is when you step into a room and smell a welcome air. Luckely there is a shop, that provides very fine interior fragrancess, going by the name of “Rue de Marli”. The fragrances of Rue de Marli arei nspired by the ancient art of master herbalists. To fully capture all their aromatic benefits, plants and herbs are picked at their prime moment of harvest, when they are at there most aromatic. This forms the bases for a well balanced skin and bath-care. Noteworthy are the Scented Wax Tablets, handmade with a centuries old technique of pure organic soy wax and natural botanicals. They come in two varieties, “Bois Precieux’ and ‘Citron de Vigne’ With a pretty ribbon tie, you hang the tablet on the doorknob and the whole room fills with a delicate perfume smell. They are sold in sets of two, inside a lovely suitcase, which comes in handy when you are travelling.

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