Five spa and wellness trends in 2013

Five Spa & Wellness Trends in 2013

Do you ever go to the sauna or spa? In 2013, we flock to welness hotels, we are under the vitamin C shower and we do mindfulness massages. This is the conclusion of trend watchers.


Spa Hotels

In the next few years more and more hotels will offer us wellness facilities including a swimming pool, a sauna and a gym, but it may get even more healthier. Like for instance yoga class on the roof of the hotel, gluten-free and vegan menus, sleep programs, but also rooms with a vitamin C shower, light and aromatherapy.

Mindfulness Massages

A creative mix of two effective treatments.  According to experts, this is a more in-depth experience that can help people better and faster to get rid of their fatigue of both body and mind


People live more and more separated from nature. In order to make more contact with the Earth, we are going to do more earthing. Think of it, more often walking barefoot, but also to relax in nature. The Japanese do it and call it ‘ forest bathing ‘

Ayurveda Wellness

We seize back to old traditions. Ayurveda, a Hindu health education from India, based on a comprehensive approach to the imbalance. It tries to restore imbalance of body and mind. Also we are going to see more Turkish and Roman baths next year and traditional Russian banjas (steam rooms).

Spa & Wellness for men

Not only women go more to the spa in 2013, also men, more and more find their way to massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. Men even undergo injections, also called brotox. In fact, men also want to look younger. The forecast is even that men will go to the waxbar.

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