Focus your Mind on This Very Moment


People are often daydreaming, about, the future, the past, a new love, a new car… We all have that moments, while our attention is needed in the present. Here are some tips to train your mindfullness, to get awake and alert.

  • Try for a whole week, to brush your teeth, get dressed, take a shower, clean your room, etc.. with all your attention. Normally you do all these things on the automatic pilot.
  • Try for a whole week to take the first bite of your meal with your full attention. Chew slowly and be totally aware of what you are tasting.
  • Every time you notice, you are daydreaming, simply say it to yourself. By doing this fore some time you will notice ever faster that you are daydreaming.
  • Eat for a change with the other hand than you are used to. It wil keep your attention with your food.
  • Before you start your study or start working, take a whole minute breathing with full attention.

If you follow the above simple focus exercises you will notice your concentration will aprove, allthough a little daydreaming is always fun, so it’s no problem, when you do it every now and then.

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