Françoise Nielly – Colors all over the place

Françoise Nielly is a French knife-painter who is famous for painting vibrant and colourful closeup portraits of people such as Barack Obama. She was born in Marseille, brought up near Cannes and Saint-Tropez and is now living in Paris.

Françoise Nielly’s artwork is typically vibrant, and detailed. A lot of her work is inspired by urban life. Françoise uses knives to paint her artwork as she seems to prefer the thick, clean brushstrokes created by them. Painting portraits is her speciality. As a child, she was taught by her father that there was “no room for mistakes”, and this has potentially influenced the intricacy of her artwork. She layers her paintings with bright and contrasting colour. She was represented in many exhibitions and art fairs in Europe (Spain, France, UK) and America (US, Canada).

You can see more of her work at or go to buy at

IMG_3617 IMG_3615 IMG_3614 Francoise Nielly

Françoise Nielly also joins forces with IRMDESIGN to create an artistic fashion collection.

The Parisian fashion duo of IRM Design have invested their highly creative potential, and recently it has paid off at the Esmod of Lyon, a new interesting project. Their objective? To merge two mistresses, Fashion and Art. Splashes of color are used to stain clothes that show sober lines and shapes that aren’t too bold, nearly resembling  a second skin. Marion Lalanne and Pierre Hermet have rooted their universe in the unique and remarkable to which they conferred the name of IRM Design.

From the encounter of Fashion and Art, a new capsule-collection has come about that is up to us to experience at the right angle: inflamed with meditation as if we are looking at a Pollock, provokingly classic as if we are buying a Givenchy.

Francoise Nielly for IRM design


IRMdesign x Nielly


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