Franz Ferdinand collaborates with Sparks

Franz Ferdinand collaborates with Sparks

A few years back, the rumour was already spread that Franz Ferdinand and Sparks would work together, now it finally is a fact, the two band are working on an album together. More than ones Franz Ferdinand told that Sparks were a very important influence on their music, now they are going to work with their heroes. The two bands already met eight years ago and always wanted to record something together and now they finaly found the time.

Scottish band Franz Ferdinand is very succesfull at the moment with their latest album ‘Right Thoughts Right Word Right Action‘.

Los Angeles based Sparks have an impressive career of over 40 years behind them, but are still very active, besides the recording with Franz Ferdinand, they are working on another album and two musicals at the same time, while they just recent made two world-tours. They still sound that fresh and innovating, that they seem to could go on for another 40 years. Sparks earlier worked amongst others with Faith no More, Katie Melua, Jimmy Sommerville, Erasure, and Les Rita Mitsouko.

With the energy and star-quality of Franz Ferdinand and the subtile genius of the brothers Mael from Sparks, the collaboration can’t bring anything else than a mastepiece. We can’t wait!

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