Giorgio Armani | SS 2014

Giorgio Armani | SS 2014 – His show is called Lights and Shadows and there was plenty of play on that. Namely in those fluttery diaphanous chiffon dresses in chalky painterly pastels that wooshed up like sails in the breeze. There was a lightness of touch throughout with clothes falling away from the body, even tailored shorts were pleat-fronted and billowy.

This is a show that is rarely about setting a new fashion agenda. What it does do is to offer plenty of viable wardrobe solutions come spring that run the gamut from weddings to the work place with garden parties, and cocktail soirées thrown in between. Armani makes real clothes for real women the world over; women who actually, couldn’t care a jot for the latest new fad. On the whole, they  just want to look pretty – and there are enough of those women around to pour through Armani’s doors day in day out.

Giorgio Armani SS 2014

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