Giuseppe Zanotti Capsule Collection “Jewel”

Giuseppe Zanotti celebrating with four new collections –  To celebrate  its 20th anniversary, Italian shoe brand Zanotti has created four new capsule collections. The shoes, who are all gold colored, are inspired by the iconic shoes of the brand over the years. The first ‘jewel’ collection is featuring flat gold sandals decorated with a piece of jewel in the middle. They are inspired by the collection created forKanye West for the spring-summer 2012 campaign. They are best described as gorgeous and very feminine . The collection will be on sale starting june 15. The second collection called ‘Disco’ will be available from Februari 2015, followed by the ‘Rock and Roll’collection in September and finally the ‘Black Stilettos’ from November 2015. “When I design shoes it is not for one person or one age group. There is never a specific shoe designed for a specific woman” Zanotti said about the collections.

Giuseppe Zanotti does not follow the trends in fashion but sets his own trends. Maybe because of this his creations are never out of style. ” Trends are dangerous; you will fail if you design for them. You cannot follow the work of others. I have my own DNA, my own formula. I always stay true to myself and to the brand.“

Elle had proposed to Giuseppe Zanotti to create a lookbook about the brand’s shoes to ceklebrate the anniversary, but Giuseppe preferred to create the new capsule collections. ” To love shoes is to love problems,” he said to to Elle. ” Every season starting a new collection is my greatest challenge. The blank slate in front of me, starting the process all over again, there is no greater challenge. Every season I absorb everything around me, the people I see on the street, the discos, the art, the music, and the energy of places from my travels. I mix all of this together and then I begin to create.”

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