Go Beyond Mind and into Consciousness

Go Beyond Mind and into Consciousness
Go Beyond Mind and into Consciousness

Mind consciousness is the fundemental state of mind we have to achieve what we really want in life.

Most everyone of us wants things we not yet own or want to achieve. But few of us have habits that build our lifes and move us in the direction we want, while we have other habits that keep us from the desires and ambitons we have.Most people come close to what they want, but in the end they let it slip away, because of their habits.

Mind consciousness allows you to take control about your life and your habits, to do what you really want in life. Like everything , to achieve a state of mind consciousness, will take a   lot of effort, but the better you get with this, the more of your desires and ambitions will manifest them, like: health, love, money, a perfect career and happiness. Three rules for developing your Mind Consciousness:

Rule 1 Self-consciousness

The first and most important rule for developing a mind consciousness is self-consciousness. Self-consciousness means having a clear picture of your needs and ambitions.

To begin to change your habits, you can daily ask yourself the following questions.

  • What do I feel?
  • Why is it that I’m feeling this?
  • What am I going to do about this?

Self-consciousness is a habit, which takes practice and patience.

Rule 2 Awareness

Awareness means to be fully conscious of your surrounding and your own state of mind. A lack of awareness is coursed by constant worries about things that have happened or things that maybe or maybe not will happen in the future.

People who think too much about the past or the future will have trouble with their awareness and developing their mind consciousness.

Rule 3 Balance

The third rule of developing the mind, you can find in a right balance between desire and satisfaction. People who are never satisfied with what they have achieved will have trouble to find balance in their lifes.They will be very disappointed if things don’t happen fast enough.

Your drive to move on, has to be in balance with your satisfaction. It takes a lot of practice to develop this balance. You can start your practice by asking yourself 2 questions:

  • Are my desires and ambitions slowed down too much by my satisfaction?
  • Am I less satisfied because of my desires and ambitions?

If you are satisfied too quickly you will have a lack of drive. If you have too much desire, it will not make you happy.

A healthy balance between desire ans satisfaction will make you a happy human being.

The reward of Mind Consciousness

The reward of being aware of your mind can not be underestimated. Every successful person has the strength of the awareness, self consciousness and balance. Practice this technique and you will discover the enormous power of your mind.

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