How to Have Great Morning Sex


Morning sex is like eating chocolate cake for breakfast — it’s decadent, indulgent and comforting. Plus, who doesn’t want to linger in bed just a little longer?

The vast majority of people wait until night to have sex. We’re already in bed, and what time we go to sleep is flexible, so this is a natural choice, but it has disadvantages too.

“All of the social media and work demands, family, whatever it might be, we’re so tired by the evening that we’re not giving ourselves the best sex that we can give ourselves,” says Melissa Jones, sexologist and executive director of the Sexology Institute and Boutique. This is where morning sex comes in. Doing it in the morning can be energetic, exciting, and extra-intimate, if you prepare for it. Here are some expert tips on having great morning sex.

What Time to Get Up

This should be a no-brainer but be mindful of your schedule when you want a little morning delight. Many people don’t have leisurely time this early and great sex (plus foreplay) can take a while. The last thing you want is to be watching the clock in the middle of everything — that can kill the mood quickly. “Relaxation, or absence of anxiety, leads to more arousal,” says Seth Prosterman, a San Francisco-based sex therapist and marriage and family therapist. The fact that you just woke up gives you a big leg up on this relaxation perk, do what you can to keep that going. If you feel like scheduling takes some of the fun out of it, take advantage of your weekends for some early action.

Deal With Your Morning Breath

Within moments of contemplating morning sex, people inevitably start to worry about morning breath. Even the most hygienic among us is less than fresh when they wake up. First, consider that being together when you aren’t all groomed and primped can be very sexy and intimate. If that still leaves you with concerns about sour breath, the fix is simple. “Keep mints by the bedside or [breath strips], so quick, you can pop one in and that solves the morning breath problem,” says Jones. Getting up for a speedy brush is okay too. Jones also says there are coffee-flavored lubes on the market, which can be a fun way to fulfill your coffee cravings.

Go Slow

Morning wood or no, everyone has a different level of arousal upon waking up. “It varies from person to person,” says Prosterman. “I think it varies a lot depending on someone’s erotic world and how sexual they are in general.” While many men can be ready to go in a matter of minutes, most women are not built that way, even at their most relaxed. This means guys should be mindful to not rush things, even if they’ve woken up feeling extremely turned on. Selfishness is a good way to lose future opportunities for a sunrise romp.

Anticipation Dreams

Once you’ve settled on what to you with your alarm clock and made your mints easy-access, there is one more step to your night-before prep, according to Prosterman: Put some effort into fantasizing before they drift off. “Think about that before you fall asleep — it doesn’t have to be the last thing before you fall to sleep — but then you’re going infuse your dreams and your subconscious faster with more sexual content,” he says. Thinking in advance about what gets your motor running can prime your mind and body for some sexy fun when you awake.

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