Gucci Saves Historical Movies

Gucci Saves Historical Movies

In collaboration with The Film Foundation, founded by Martin Scorsese in 1990, Gucci Museo restores historical films so that they do not perish and still can be admired by everyone. There is more than 45.700 metres of film in the archives of The Film Foundation, which urgently needed to be restored. But now there are more than 600 movies saved. Other famous members of The Film Foundation include Woody Allen, Robert Redford, Steven Spielberg and Clint Eastwood.

Gucci has been working  along with this Foundation since 2006 and let a film restore every year since that time. To let the general public also enjoy the ever growing collection of Gucci Museo and The Film Foundation, “Cinema Visionaries’  has been launched up today. This concept honors the work of innovative filmmakers that have made a great contribution to the history of the film. The idea is that several old films from the restored collection will be screened in the historical Odeon Cinema on 22 January to 19 March in Florence. The access for the screenings is free, so that it is accessible for everyone. The films are A Women Under the Influence, Il Caso Mattei, La Dolce Vita, Senso, Le Amiche, Il Gattopardo, Rebel Without a Cause and Once Upon a Time in America.

Through this cooperation Gucci and The Film Foundation hope to preserve the heritage of influential filmmakers for future generations.

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