Gwen Stefani launches New Line called DWP

Gwen Stefani launches DWP

Gwen Stefani – Following her L.a.m.b. line, Gwen Stefani comes up with a new clothing line. The line was renamed to DWP and is as of today for sale online. The collection is all about pants, which, in its view are a good alternative for denim.

Denim is experiencing hard times: shops have lots of  unsaled jeans are therefore less money to renew itself. When Gwen Stefani and denim guru Michael Glasser sat down around the table to start a new denim label, they decided to do something different. “A purchaser of Neiman Marcus came up to me and said: If you give me one more five-pocket jeans shows, I’m going to hit him. Then I thought to myself, do I really want to do a denim line? ‘

The pair came up with an idea for the collection, in which the pants play a leading role as a replacement for the traditional jeans. For the trousers are the same wash and painting techniques used as at denim. This is also where the name DWP comes from, which stand for Department of Water and Power. The original idea for the denim line was to produce a sustainable product by using only one litre of water per pair of pants. The line consists of 18 pieces.

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