Harrods New York?


HARRODS is coming to New York – Harrods, the famous London store is surching for potential locations in New York as well as in any other metropolis. Ahmad Al-Sayed, the chairman of the executive board says, that they are looking for expasion, but a store in another country will not be a replica of the store in London. The compagny possibly also want to open a Harrods hotel. Recently they opened a stand alone watch store at Heathrow Terminal 2.

Since Harrods has been bought by the global investment house, Quatar Holding, they have invested about £250 million, and Al-Sayed says the company doesn’t intend to stop there.

“I invest in retail, I invest in commodities, I invest in infrastructure – I invest in different kinds of businesses,” said Al-Sayed on behave of Quatar Holding. The investment house is also the principal shareholder of supermarket Sainsbury’s. “We are like fund managers: When we decide on our investment, we check what suits our portfolio and then we make a decision.”

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