Hate can be a Good thing

Hate can be a Good thing

We don’t like to admit it, but hate, more than any other emotion, inspires us to change something. When you hate your job, you try to get a new one. When you hate your hair, you get a haircut. When you hate the fact that Johnny Depp is apparently not in the market for a 40 year old, … well there is not much you can do about that except to watch Pirates of the Caribbean one more time.

But, back to the main point. Hate, like nuclear, can be a good thing when used properly. There are several things to hate about a garden. For example:

  • Everyone hates mowing the grass. But this green stuff keeps coming back.
  • The same goes for weeding. Why bother? Everything is back the next day, along with their family.
  • What about pruning? Good for your plants people say who probably know. But the practice? A lot of work, the plant looks awfull or will even die.

But there is a way this year is going to be a great year for your garden. Just make sure you hate the gras more than the mowing, the weeds more than the weeding and the wild growth more than the pruning. Make sure the power of hate is on your side. Use it to its fullest extent. Hate something, change something, you will make something better. Your garden will look great this summer.

May the hate be with you……  


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