Healthy Body vs. Healthy Relationship

Helathy body vs Healthy relationship

When it is up to women, their love life doesn’t always comes at number one. 61 percent of women chooses a healthy body over a healthy relationship. 

This is the result of a research carried out about the prorities of healthy food among 1500 American women, on behalf of an online store with natural and organic products.

The results of the research not only showed that women find a good relationship less important than good eating, but 70% of the women also said that they find it more important that their children eat healthy and that he or she gets good grades, reports the Daily Mail.

60 percent who took part on the research find it more important to eat healthy than to have a ‘healthy” bank account. Concerning clothes, 85 percent would rather have a healthy body than a great wardrobe.


The researchers find the results remarkable. “Women now a days know how important health is and apparently most of them think that good food is more important than a good relationship. To more and more women a healthy body is the most important thing in life” said Jennifer Grayson, the editor of the online store.

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