Hey Little Brat – Did you reach your Targets? (Part 1)

Hey Little Brat - Did you reach your targets (part 1)
The twenty year old promising talent.

Well, there you are. The twenty year old promising talent who is going to really shake up the office. But how do you deal with the other generations at work?


In Your Twenty’s

Radiant but very nervous you come walking on the floor at your first day at work. You are very confident. And you truly believe you totaly are going to make it. Because all your life, you’ve been told by your parents and your teachers. And you have a job, a job, dispite of the crisis. Doesn’t that say it all about your potential? But then comes the cruel reality. Because; let’s take an avarage work floor, no google office or hot or hip young pr-office, but just an office as there are so many. For you in your twenty’s, that’s very hard to get used to. Because: why every morning at exactly 9 o’clock be present? Why can’t you work a little longer at the end of the day, or do something extra in the weekend? And what about all those confusing unwritten subordunate to your boss little rules? is this what they mean by hierarchy? And not giving your opinion, is not what you are used to.

To come to the point, it is going to take a lot off effort to mix your mindset and knowhow with those of your elder colleagues. And you will meet them. Never before there where so many generations at work at the same time. People in their twenty’s are tributing their share earlyer and earlyer. and older colleagues are working longer. So the workfloor is a mix of practical hardworking people, in their fourty’s, and the generation born between 1970 and 1990. Where the people born in the seventy’s are completely different from you. While their carrier is the most important, you want to be good at your job, but you also want to be happy. Time to find out, what you can expect from your ambitious older colleagues and most important how to deal with them.

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