Hey Little Brat – Did you reach your Targets? (Part 2)

Hey Little Brat - Did you reach your targets (part 2)
The Thirty year old colleague; The projectmanager with the stress to make choises.

Oh what is she convident, powerfull and sharp as a razerblade.  This lady seems to rule the office as a lioness rules her cubs. And she isn’t even the big boss. From day one you are surprised about this colleague, how she sparkels and with ease seems to network , speaks up for herself and smaltalks. You wish you could do this the same way. Because with you, the newcomer, everything you do goes with uncertainty. How does she do it? She is only a few years older than you are.!! You also don’t understand why she gets agitated, if things aren’t going her way. There is always tomorrow isn’t there?  And why is she the first at the office and the last one to leave? Hasn’t she got a life of her own?

How do you deal with someone in his or her thirty’s?

This woman is a perfectionist and is very harsh on herself. She grew up with the idea that a woman had to make a career, because her mother couldn’t. Her workdrive is enormess. Life to her means she has to show even more than she is worth. Offline (being at the office from nine to late) and offline (checking emails in the weekend).

Your mistake could be that you are looking too much at her and you want to be able to do what she does. Don’t forget you are in a learning fase. You don’t have 10 years of experience. And not everything is what it seems, deer twenty year old, because beneath the surface, not everything with her is that perfect. Stress to make choises for instance. Does she wants children or not? And if so, how does she combine that with her job? She looks as if she knows exactly what she wants, but at her day off, she cries her hart out at her shrink. This is called quaterlife crisis. Because, although her work means eveything to her, she often wonders, is this what I’m living for? Don’t I want to travel around the World? Build schools in Malawi? Do I want a relationship?

This manager is in need of a stable colleague, who from day one can manage things on her own. Makes her smile, gives her complements by asking questions like: (I noticed that you are very smart with everything, can you explain to me how you do this?), because however confident she seems, in her hart she is insecure. As a thank you, she will give you more and more nice things to do. You both very much like your smartphone and laptop, only you have a headstart of ten years in how you can look for things and scan information. Share this with her – also cool not work related sites, because this gives her the uppertunity to score on Facebook. Once you have won her confidence, you can teach her that there is more to life than working and you have to refuel happyness in your spare time. Play it smart, because if she has a sucesfull career, she wil take you as her irreplaceable right-hand with her into a new and better job. Or even better, recommend you for her old job.

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