Hey Little Brat – Did you reach your Targets? (Part 3)

Hey Little Brat - Did you reach your targets (part 3)
The Forty year old colleague; The hardworking, hierarchical set powerlady.

A typical no-nonsense woman who can plan her day at work very efficiënt: She has no time for smaltalk. This topdog is raised by the idea: if you work hard enough you will get where you want to be. The most important to her is to be Financial independent and she puts everything asidefor her career. What is good for the company is good for her.

She thinks trainees usually too bold. They walking in and put of your office, asking silly questions. She likes the hierarchical order to be clear.  You are just at the start of your career, so she wants you to know your place. While you think: nice an experienced colleague, which I cn learn from. You like to bond with her, but don’t tell her, she hates the word bonding.

How do you deal with someone in her forty’s?

There is an unbridgeable generation difference between the two of you. You think has to be fun in he first place; to her work is making a living. She will be very prejudiced about your generation; lazy, anti social (only interested in your smartphone), not loyal to your employer. She will think you are the complete opposite of her.

Win this colleague by sharing your online knowhow which cn make her life easier. Inform her exactly was is important to your generation. She will apreciate this, because she can adapt her compagny-strategy to this.

The word hierarchical descends from the last century, but this woman thrives on it. Don’t ask her anything as long as it is not really necessary, because in her eyes you’re a nobody. Give her a smile but stay humble. Don’t dwell on a subject, but come right to the point, becauce she has little time. And when she askes you something, do it right away. This is difficult for you, because you have a planning of your own and you are not used to do things just because a superior wants something fom you. Unfortunately she will takei t into account if you don’t follow her orders right away. She also won’t understand that you ar getting smarter by surfing at ll kinds of sites. But keep on doing this, because where she regulary has a problem with her computer, you have come to controle all the knowledge to your mind. You know things before they become a trend-she hasn’t got a clue. So be Sharp an be quick, you have a large upportunity to make her see you as a source of knowledge.

Your big battle with her working hours and hierarchical ideas. She associates starting at 10 and leaving at 17.00 hours with laziness. Show her which advantages there are to doing things your way and why this is not only good for you, but also to the compagny, that you go to your yoga-lessons at half past 5. Besides if neccessary , you can always work an extra hour in the evening.

Although you two are complete opposites, there is hope. The working life slowly works in your advantage. Work and privat time are more and more mixed. And in managing that combination, you are the superior.

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