Hey Little Brat – Did you reach your Targets? (Part 4)

Hey Little Brat - Did you reach your targets (part 4)
The fifty year old colleague. The “been there, done that” boss

To get over her divorce, she has done a course In mindfullness, and this has paid out. A few years back she wouldn’t want to found ded, if she had made a mistake.  Now at last she can live with the fact that “we are all human” so we are alowed to make mistakes. Now that the children have flown out, she won’t be making any more big steps in her career. She spends a lot of time showing you the way and she is always open to your questions. Dispite the age difference you feel understood and recognized. She askes how your weekend was and how you live your life. There is just one thing, you don’t like about her and that are her moods. Sometimes she is real grumpy and she Gives you hell. What happened? 

How do you deal with someone over fifty?

Her moods have to do with the perimenopausal. Because this is realy hell. Your hormons are on the run, one time you are hot, the next you are freezing, your sexdrive is fading…… For you, your age is your trumphcart, because you remind her of her own children. And that’s why she wants to pretect you. Because of you, she can feel young again. There is no envy, the battle against her rinkels she has given up years ago. Her fuel is your open and broad mindset. Feed her with your creativity. Ask all the help you need to built your career. Don’t hesitate to call on her for help. (she will apriciate this and feel usefull).

But don’t be too dependent. She may act motherly, but being independent is very important to her. Don’t sqeek but deal with the problem. Take advantage of the space she gives you by letting you take you own initiatifs. She wasn’t alowed to, when she started her career, so she won’t ask you for it. But you probably score points with her right away.

This colleague from a generation right after the war is broad up in a large family with little money. She isn’t used to talk about feelings, that wasn’t done in those days. But she would very much like to and she very much likes you doing it. She wishes she was broad up in the same way as you are, in a time where happyness is the most important thing and creativity is apriciated.

This woman is your biggest ally. She really wants all the best for you. Treasure her and bring her regularly a fresh foaming cappuccino.

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