The Swedish fashion chain, H&M, are taking all garments made from Angora wool back. Even if customers are no longer in possession of a price tag or sales receipt. In addition the brand stops instantly with the use of the wool. The reason for the measure is the shocking video of animal rights organization Peta, which shows how bad the rabbits are treated.

The wool, which sometimes is compared with mohair of an angora goat, is very soft. The American organization Peta made secret recordings between June and september on ten Chinese angora farms. They found out that the rabbits are being picked alive, every three months without any anesthesia.

H&M about the shocking images: “H&M does not accept that animals are being treated badly. We only accept products made of angora rabbits from farms where animals have a good life.  We are checking the angora farms of our suppliers regularly.” The clothing chain promises to carry out inspections at their suppliers in order to ensure that they comply with their policies.


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