Hotspot Restaurant – The Ivy LA

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Hotspot Restaurant – The Ivy LA 

“It all started with a chocolate cake…”

One sunny LA afternoon, New York actress, Lynn von Kersting, stepped into LA Desserts on her way to the Lee Strasberg Theatre where she was starring in Tennessee Williams’ Suddenly Last Summer. Behind the counter, owner and self-taught baker, Richard Irving stopped in his tracks. Their eyes met and the rest is history. The dynamic duo opened The Ivy in 1983, followed by Ivy at the Shore in 1985 and Dolce Isola, The Ivy Bakery in 2007. Now joined by their daughter, India, the family legacy continues…

The Ivy LA has a French rustic appearance and is filled with antiques and flowers. What is most striking to The Ivy is the typical white fence around it. The stars are mostly behind this fence. We normal people should probably eat inside.

The Ivy is one of L.A.’s leading celebrity hangouts, attracting a virtual Who’s Who of Hollywood stars and moguls. Since it is an open, patio restaurant, there are often papparazzi camped out across the street, hoping for photos of arriving celebs. The menu is American and the focus is mainly on food from Louisiana (Cajun). Despite a few bad reviews, this is the No. 1 restaurant under the rich and famous. In September of 2003, after Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck had postponed their wedding, they showed up at The Ivy together, and the papparazzi got plenty of photos. Some reporters interpreted this appearance as a deliberate move by the couple to put to rest rumors that they had broken up.

The Ivy even starred in a scene in the 1995 movie “Get Shorty,” in which Danny DeVito takes a meeting with John Travolta at the Ivy, orders an enormous amount of food, and then leaves before it arrives.

And if you take a close look at the 1992 hit “The Bodyguard“, you’ll note there is a scene where Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston are coming out of a Beverly Hills restaurant, when they are stopped by a little girl and her mother asking for an autograph. Kevin, the bodyguard, tries to prevent this, but Whitney signs the autograph and poses for a photo before getting into a white stretch limo. The patio restaurant in that scene was, of course, the Ivy.

Stars that love to eat here: Demi Moore, Halle Berry, Christina Aguilera, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Tara Reid, the Hilton sisters and much, much, much more.
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